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Our Ministry among the stunning people... on the stunning coast of South Africa!

As of February 2018 Richard has been the acting Youth Director for Norwegian Settlers Church and Genesis. This means he overseas not only the Genesis Youth projects, but also the church's internship program and youth outreach ministries at the church and at Youth Worx. It has given Richard the opportunity to expand his mentoring program. It has also given him the opportunity to standardize ministry protocols and procedures across the board, which has only made the several ministries stronger and more streamlined.

It has been a challenging year for Richard, but one he would easily say has been the most rewarding. He finds great fulfillment in helping young people strengthen in their faith and learn how to own a belief system grounded in Biblical truth. 

The Genesis Youth Centre where we do ministry. From this centre several ministries including an after school program, Music Academy, two gyms, and employment development courses run. 

The Murchison Community Centre is located in the heart of an area that has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest HIV/AIDS infection rate on record. It houses a room where kids come after school for help with homework, organized classes in Brain Boosters, and facilitator lead Lego instruction. A community gym is also running out of this facility. Richard is the Operational Manager for MCC and its team reports directly to him. He goes out onsite every Tuesday and Friday to meet with the team there and to hold discipleship classes. 

Siya Sebenza, "We are working," is a new Genesis ministry, which focuses on changing the mindsets of victimization, entitlement, and apathy, which are crippling the Zulu and Xhosa people. This program aspires to overcome these mentalities and empower/equip  young people to be quality employees. 

The Genesis After School Program takes place in Merlewood, where the statistics of at-risk-youth are staggering.  We reach into these lives by offering help with homework, a snack, a Bible story, and often a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen. We see this as a critical and vital ministry, which we fight to keep going. 

At the Leadership Academy local high school students come to hear motivational talks on how to become quality leaders of tommorrow. 

Richard has recently taken over the role of discipleship and mentor for the Genesis Youth and NSC youth staffs. He holds several meetings each week both in groups and in one on one sessions, where he delves deeply into the Scriptures. He uses resources from the Latitude project out of Texas, USA, so the discipleship is done in a measurable and systematic approach. 

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