Richard & Megan

Richard and Megan have been married for 17-years. They met while students at Liberty University. Megan graduated from Liberty in 2001 with a B.S. in Communication Studies/Print Journalism. Richard transferred to Moody Bible Institute. He graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Missions Aviation Technologies. 

Alexander Ross

Alex is taking his final exams for his 9th grade year at Port Shepstone High School. Alex has a passion for rugby and has been named the team captain. His school mates affectionately refer to him as,"Captain America." He is also very into forging his own knives and spends most of his down time in his home forge. He has grown to have a deep love of people and children. He volunteers in children's church ministry, where he is able to use his gifts as a natural leader. 

Aden Richard

Aden is currently completing grade 7 at Izotsha Primary, where he excels academically. Aden has accepted a scholarship to attend a private local high school beginning in January. He has a deep and analytical mind, that often lends itself to intense discussions and debate. Aden has started a Bible study at his school, where he leads his classmates in studies he has prepared in advance. Aden is a sweet and kind young man, who has grown leaps and bounds over the last year. 

Aron Elijah

Aron is currently completing grade 5 at Izotsha Primary school. He loves sports and is a natural swimmer and rugby player, but where he truly takes flight is in running. Aron is a tall and lanky young man, who has never met a stranger. He inspires all those around him by overcoming physical barriers to achieve all that is required of him in the mainstreamed classroom. Aron is a feisty, passionate little boy, who is a loyal friend and brother. We look forward to seeing how the Lord uses Aron's strengths for his Glory, as we see so very much potential. 

 Abe Warren

Abe is in the 4th grade at Izotsha Primary school, where he loves to take part in the athletics, rugby, and swimming. Abe is a happy chappy, and is enthusiastic about everything he does. He loves his movies and super heroes. He also has taken a liking to reading novels and has completed several chapter books this year. He loves to listen to books, as well as writing his own novels. We believe this is why Abe has such an vivid and active imagination. 

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