Why Blog?

I began blogging a few years back. It was by accident really. I was a post-journalist deep in the throes of early child rearing. I found it to be a way to connect with other mothers, older and younger... my blogging helped us moms of all kinds to lean on one another, and brought about the important knowledge that I was not in this motherhood gig all alone.

As the years went on our family blog served as a useful tool in communicating our journey into missions with the friends and family, who were praying us through our journey. It helped me feel still connected to these very important people, and I pray it did the same for them.

Moving forward to our family's major life shift overseas... TO AFRICA! How could I ever hope to explain to those back home what I was feeling, what our boys were going through? How could they pray best for us, without seeing into our hearts and lives in Africa? The blog then became an important part of our transition period into another culture and into a family of full-time ministry. I've shared stories of stress, of triumphs, of deep sorrow, disappointment, major mistakes, and I've shared my sons' lives with my audience. The latter is not a decision I have made without sincere thought, for it is after all THEIR lives, not my own, and I understand this. As the boys have gotten older I have begun to ask their permission before sharing stories about them. Even before they were able to give their permission I've always tried to communicate their stories, our stories, in a way that gave GLORY to GOD!

I am a writer. I am a storyteller. It is who I am, and while I understand not all people see the importance of sharing their stories, I acutely feel burdened to share mine. I've personally learned more from the transparency of other believers, and their humble revelations, than I ever did in Bible College, or listening to the finest theologians in the world.

So, for those out there, who are like myself...I write, and I share what God is doing in, and through me. Sometimes my story intersects with the lives of my precious boys' and husband's, and therefore, you are getting a glimpse into their hearts as well...please protect this honour.

And so we entrust THIS, OUR STORY, to you... our beloved audience. May it only ever be about HIM!

#blogging #Africanlife #ministryfamily

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