Lost Causes

I write. I share. As often as I share I write 10 fold. It is my sanity. It is how I make sense in a senseless world. .

Tonight I write with the express intent to share, in that those who read, are reached with the message I have been burdened to divuge. I only share because God is the source of this burden.

This week has been hard. Doing life with another culture(s) is messy. On a day to day basis I make it my priority to engage in, pray for, and even get my hands, “dirty,” with the South African people. I have had some hard knocks over the past few years. Yet I remain a believer of lost causes.

SO there you have it… I believe when there is no hope. I love an incredible story. If there is an underdog, I am its biggest fan. The comedy of humanness resounds with my soul. My weak, pathetic, very human, spirit is what Christ died for. I know this…and yet days like today bring me to my knees, prostrate to the ground.

I cannot divulge too much, because the players in this drama mean too much to me. I could never betray their trust. With that said I have chosen the down and dirty side of ministry. I was called to the front lines of this battle, but when faced with the imminent worldly destruction of those you have developed a supernatural connection with…well that just stinks. It is unfair. In the currency of earth, it defies all logic. How could something so beautiful to the eye be so sick? How could sin and poor choices result in such worldly sorrow?

My words are veiled, this I recognize, but my heart is broken for those who fall behind my veil of protection. If living in Africa has taught me one thing it is this: The SPIRIT world is real, it is eternal, and I see its physical manifestations on a daily basis. I refuse to sensationalize. However, I covet your intervention on behalf of those, who because of the deception of the evil one have little time to make the most important decision in this world… to accept Jesus for who HE is, and to truly repent.

Today, I am admittedly broken; sweet baby faces hide generational curses of suppression. But no man, no woman, no child is without hope. Christ makes sense out of the senseless. He is hope amongst the hopeless.

This hopeless woman, was born just stubborn enough to never, ever, give up. Stubbornness used in a battle surrendered to Christ, transforms from a sin to a mighty weapon. I am weak. I am tired. I am sad. I am a bit broken, and yet I survive to write, to share, and to inspire YOU to become the sole advocate of the, “lost causes,” surrounding you. I was able to do it today, only through the strength of JESUS. With HIM I stared the carnality of man in the eye and refused to surrender, with the power of Jesus….what about YOU??? What will you fight for in HIS name? If you and I do our part and FIND hope, there could never be another lost cause.

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