An update for my best friend...and you

My dear friend and constant supporter in life and ministry asked me this morning to please give her a brief update on our ministries here in SA, so I thought possibly others of our friends and supporters may like an abridged update as well.

First of all thank you for asking Freedom House Ministries, South Hill, Virginia. We cherish you...


WOW! We have been busy. So many changes have been happening at Genesis Youth and quickly. Here are some of the highlights.

* Richard has taken on the role of Administrator of the Vikings Christian Rugby Academy. It has become a professional training program, but more importantly it influences a group of impressionable young men to make good life choices. Rich is also busy getting his coaching and safety certifications for coaching rugby in SA. Seeing to the day to day operational needs of the academy has been a very exciting, fulfilling, and has increased his opportunity to minister even more.

* Richard has just secured a new facility for the Lambert's Bay ministry to operate from. It is an exciting time for this ministry among the hurting people of this fishing community on the Western Cape of SA. The new location will allow for growth and stability of our outreaches there.

* Richard is in negotiations to purchase the facility our Murchison Community Program operates from. In the past the Genesis Trust had to pay rent for the buildings. It is important to make this smart business move in order to ensure the outreaches in the Murchison Community continue to move forward.

The above children are from the Murchison Community Center. We are very proud to have turned management over to Mama Z, who is from the community! Since his arrival at Genesis Richard has worked hard to put community members in positions of leadership within Genesis Youth. We are so blessed to be able to report we currently have six, Zulu and Xhosa MANAGERS who run their ministries. We firmly believe real ministry takes place when the community ministers to one another. They are doing so well.

* Megan has been busy on re branding Genesis Youth and updating the logos, websites, social media, signage, and merchandise. She also helps out with the day to day workings of the youth center. There is a great deal to be done!

* The boys are well. Alex made the UGU rugby team a few weeks ago, then last week was selected for the SKZN squad. This enables him to go to KZN trials this May. It is a hugely sought after spot and we are extremely proud of him. Aden is playing rugby for his school this term, and Aron and Abe are playing soccer.

-Please remember these items in prayer:

-Stamina and Health

-Safety on the rugby fields and roads

-Wisdom in managing all the ministries entrusted to us

-The finances needed to purchase 6 plane tickets to AMERICA this December!!!

-Strengthening of our boys' relationships with Christ.

Thank you so much for your interest in our family and for your generosity which makes it possible for us to be here.

With lots of love,

The Harrell Family

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